About Open Patrician

Open source implementation of Ascaron's popular Patrician (1 and 2)

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
MarvinFXEssentials Test module for JavaFX tests based on MarvinFX
GameEvent Handling of game events
OpenPatrician JavaFX JavaFX components for OpenPatrician
OpenPatricianUtilities Base utilities for the OpenPatrician game
OpenPatricianModel OpenPatrician models
OpenPatrician Server OpenPatrician server module
OpenPatricianDisplay OpenPatrician module for the client UI
OpenPatricianImage OpenPatrician module for images
OpenPatricianSound OpenPatrician sound module
OpenPatricianGameEvent OpenPatrician specific Game events
OpenPatricianClientServerInterface Interfaces used by the client and server of their opposite part
OpenPatrician Engine Engine part driving the models and the game
OpenPatricianData The data module contains data that is shared by the various other modules.
MinimalMap-Plugin OpenPatrician Plugin suppling a minimal game map
OpenPatricianTest Various test application and integration tests for OpenPatrician
OpenPatricianTestUtilities Module providing utilities for testing.
OpenPatricianStandalone Module for the OpenPatrician standalone application
OpenPatricianPluginInstaller Installer application for OpenPatricianPlugins